Unstake a virtual node

My vnode has been unstaking for about a week now, is there something I need to do other than click unstake?


Unstaking can take a while, a long while actually.

It all depends on the position your Node holds in the network, the moment you tap the Unstake button.

Your Node is part of a pool, either waiting, getting ready to be selected, or at any other stage in the process. Removing the Node from the pool, unfortunately is not an instant process.

Unstaking happens at the end of the earning cycle. After you hit “Unstake”, unstaking will happen after your next period of earning.

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I didn’t think it was going to be instant, but it’s literally been 7 days at this point. Just making sure there’s not something else I need to do I suppose.

No, nothing you need to do.

Tomorrow it will be 14 days, is it possible it’s stuck? 2 weeks seems like way to long

It is automated, which means being stuck should not happen. Can you send me your Incognito address in a private message? I can check your node status.

To send a private message:

  • Click avatar
  • Click “Message”
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Sorry for the late reply jamie, it completed the unstake this morning 2/16.


Thanks for the update, and I am glad it worked.

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